Grant’s Tomb Criterium

This race was first organized by General Grant back in 1865. The race celebrated the end of the civil war and progress toward equality. Just kidding.

The UMass bike racing club traveled to New York City on the weekend of March 12-13 to ride around Grant’s Tomb in manhattan. The crit was very fast. It featured one tight corner, and one long wide turn. Marc MacLeod finished 13th in the men’s B category and James Petersen also finished in the pack coming in 22nd. The men’s C race was a bit more eventful. It started out like any other crit. Everyone sprinted out of the start and jockeyed for position. After about 5 laps everybody settled in. Joe Weiss and Zac Del Nero had very good position in the top ten places. BUT, with four laps to go, CRASH! Joe Weiss was sitting in the third row to the front of the race, and he felt a nudge from his left. Joe told the rider next to him to cut it out, ever so politely. The kid proceeded to elbow Joe, and finally shoved him into the rider to his right. 19 people went down in the crash. That was the end of the Men’s C race for UMass.

Men’s D went routinely, a few new racers came with us. We are a team of the future.

Sorry for the late, short and boring post. Still pictures to come.



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