Philly Phlyer Race Report


This past weekend was the Philly Phlyer. Only five of us attended. I guess not many people want to go to Philly on the second weekend of spring break to race bikes. We departed from UMass at 210 minutes past noon on the 77th day of the year 2011. The traffic was terrible. It took about 6 1/2 hours to get to Horsham PA. Were stayed in a Day’s Inn in Horsham, about a 30 minute drive from the races (supposedly). I was very disappointed that the hotel didn’t have a pool. I had the forethought to bring my thong bottom, and the hotel didn’t even have a pool (jk about the thong bottom, but I really did have a bathing suit). The continental breakfast at the hotel left something to be desired. The orange juice was mostly water, but the price was right. I was impressed that they had yogurt. The hotel from the weekend before had a waffle maker. RIT and MIT were both staying at the Days Inn.

We left the hotel very early Saturday morning to get to the races. We got lost. We drove through the Park in which the race was taking place, then proceeded to enter the highway, and I made some questionable highway maneuvers. We made it to the race a bit late. It was pretty cold and warm-up was limited. In the Men’s C road race, Alex Carmona and Keith Toombs placed very well, both in the top 25. In the Men’s Intro road race Jim Roy finished strong in 9th place, he will be upgrading for the next race. And Jacqui finished 13th in her first race ever.

We headed back to the hotel and hung out for a while. We got our “Catch Me If You Can” on. Nothing like a little Leo in the afternoon. We were lucky that there was a very good pizza place right across the street from our hotel. After successfully running across 6 lanes of traffic, we arrived at the restaurant. I didn’t know they made pizza in Philly, it was delicious We made it back across the highway to our hotel, it was like real life Frogger.

The next morning we woke up before the rooster crowed. At Days Inns they use a rooster for wake up calls. We got to the race an hour before anybody had to race. It was first time we had ever successfully done so. Warm-up was sparse due to near freezing temps. One upside to the race was the indoor bathrooms. Nothing like a porta-potty at 7:00am in 33 degree weather. Sunday’s race was a crit. Alex Carmona finished 14th in his first weekend racing C’s. And Jacqui finished 9th, and scored a few points.

The ride back to UMass was much easier than the ride there. We made it back in just under 5 hours. There were a few questionable maneuvers made by Joe on the road. I like to call it aggressive driving, some disagree, I’m sorry I don’t drive like a toddler!

Joe Dubs


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