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Philly Phlyer Race Report


This past weekend was the Philly Phlyer. Only five of us attended. I guess not many people want to go to Philly on the second weekend of spring break to race bikes. We departed from UMass at 210 minutes past noon on the 77th day of the year 2011. The traffic was terrible. It took about 6 1/2 hours to get to Horsham PA. Were stayed in a Day’s Inn in Horsham, about a 30 minute drive from the races (supposedly). I was very disappointed that the hotel didn’t have a pool. I had the forethought to bring my thong bottom, and the hotel didn’t even have a pool (jk about the thong bottom, but I really did have a bathing suit). The continental breakfast at the hotel left something to be desired. The orange juice was mostly water, but the price was right. I was impressed that they had yogurt. The hotel from the weekend before had a waffle maker. RIT and MIT were both staying at the Days Inn.

We left the hotel very early Saturday morning to get to the races. We got lost. We drove through the Park in which the race was taking place, then proceeded to enter the highway, and I made some questionable highway maneuvers. We made it to the race a bit late. It was pretty cold and warm-up was limited. In the Men’s C road race, Alex Carmona and Keith Toombs placed very well, both in the top 25. In the Men’s Intro road race Jim Roy finished strong in 9th place, he will be upgrading for the next race. And Jacqui finished 13th in her first race ever.

We headed back to the hotel and hung out for a while. We got our “Catch Me If You Can” on. Nothing like a little Leo in the afternoon. We were lucky that there was a very good pizza place right across the street from our hotel. After successfully running across 6 lanes of traffic, we arrived at the restaurant. I didn’t know they made pizza in Philly, it was delicious We made it back across the highway to our hotel, it was like real life Frogger.

The next morning we woke up before the rooster crowed. At Days Inns they use a rooster for wake up calls. We got to the race an hour before anybody had to race. It was first time we had ever successfully done so. Warm-up was sparse due to near freezing temps. One upside to the race was the indoor bathrooms. Nothing like a porta-potty at 7:00am in 33 degree weather. Sunday’s race was a crit. Alex Carmona finished 14th in his first weekend racing C’s. And Jacqui finished 9th, and scored a few points.

The ride back to UMass was much easier than the ride there. We made it back in just under 5 hours. There were a few questionable maneuvers made by Joe on the road. I like to call it aggressive driving, some disagree, I’m sorry I don’t drive like a toddler!

Joe Dubs


Grant’s Tomb Criterium

This race was first organized by General Grant back in 1865. The race celebrated the end of the civil war and progress toward equality. Just kidding.

The UMass bike racing club traveled to New York City on the weekend of March 12-13 to ride around Grant’s Tomb in manhattan. The crit was very fast. It featured one tight corner, and one long wide turn. Marc MacLeod finished 13th in the men’s B category and James Petersen also finished in the pack coming in 22nd. The men’s C race was a bit more eventful. It started out like any other crit. Everyone sprinted out of the start and jockeyed for position. After about 5 laps everybody settled in. Joe Weiss and Zac Del Nero had very good position in the top ten places. BUT, with four laps to go, CRASH! Joe Weiss was sitting in the third row to the front of the race, and he felt a nudge from his left. Joe told the rider next to him to cut it out, ever so politely. The kid proceeded to elbow Joe, and finally shoved him into the rider to his right. 19 people went down in the crash. That was the end of the Men’s C race for UMass.

Men’s D went routinely, a few new racers came with us. We are a team of the future.

Sorry for the late, short and boring post. Still pictures to come.


Rutgers Race Report

It finally happened! The collegiate road season opener at Rutgers University took place this past weekend (3/5-6/11). The weekend started off a little shaky. We were supposed to leave the visitor parking lot at 4:30pm to depart. Some of us made it there by 4:30pm. Joe Weiss, who was driving, was heading down to the parking lot when he realized he’d forgotten to hand in some homework and had to dash to the professor’s office to hand it in. Okay, all homework handed in, we departed UMass at 5:30pm, not too bad. It was about a four and one-half hour drive down to Rutgers. We got to our host house (Thank you to Charlie, George and everyone else from Rutgers who let us sleep in their den, living room, and kitchen) at around 10:00pm. We set up our sleeping stuff, for two of us this included blowing up twin air mattresses by mouth (batteries can go to hell, UMBRC has lungs!), and we switched into sleep mode.
Wake up time: 5:00am.

Joe Weiss’s theory of proportionality: The earlier UMBRC wakes up, the longer it takes us to get ready.

We made oatmeal in the rice cooker, and headed off to the race.
Saturday’s race was the Individual Time Trial and the Criterium. Not too much happened for UMass at the ITT, we got there with not much time to spare, and many of us road the TT while still in sleep mode.
The Crit was a familiar course, with the familiar sharp turn into the finish of the lap. James Petersen and Marc MacLeod were racing in the B category for the first time. They were pretty nervous at the beginning of the race, neither thought they would finish really well. But, James and Marc finished the Crit in 14th and 15th place out of 48 starters, respectively. Keith Toombs finished 24th in the Crit and Joe Weiss misunderstood one of the rules. In the D race, Case Muir finished 18th. Our other high finisher in the Crit was Alex Carmona, in his first race ever, he was racing Intro and he finished 4th.
Sunday’s race was the Points Race. It rained for most of the races. It was a strange course for a points race because the beginning of every lap was a small climb, and the fields were quickly split up. Again! James Petersen finished well in the Men’s B points race. James finished 8th and Marc finished 12th. Joe Weiss finished in the middle of the C race at 21st, and Alex Carmona moved up to D’s and finished 3rd.
Then we went home.

Joe Weiss

P.S. Pictures to come as soon as I buy new batteries for my camera.

Bucknell Race Report

Bucknell Race Report

by: Joey Weiss

The weekend of April 10th and 11th, the UMBRC journeyed to Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.  Wow, what a ride!  The ride there involved a few traffic jams, some emergency restroom stops, shopping at Wegmans grocery story (go there!), and many off- color jokes, but after 7 hours, we arrived in Lewisburg.  We stayed at a somewhat sketchy hotel in a rather nice part of town (a huge upgrade from the Sawmill River Inn).  The team got to bed before 10pm because the next morning was an early one.

We awoke zealously, and were quickly ready to get off to the races.  Max Rome put the bikes on the roof, we grabbed some coffee and cereal, and drove to the race.  The scenery was absolutely breathtaking.  Being in Lewisburg felt like stepping back into colonial times.  There were farms further than the eye could see, and men and women driving horse and buggy (they made awesome obstacles during the already tricky course.  The first race of the day was the TEAM TIME TRIAL!  In order to place in the TTT at least two members of each team must finish the race.  Umass placed second in the men’s D TTT, earning 20 points for Umass.  The other Umass TTT team finished 10th in the men’s C category.

The next race of the day was the road race.  The Bucknell road race was a doozy.  Marc MacLeod finished 15th , after 36 miles of racing up and down rolling hills, in the men’s C RR.  Marc did an exceptional job as always conserving his energy by strategically hanging in the pack.  Our other C racer of the day, Zac Del Nero, took a spill, has some road rash, but he’ll live to race another day (just not the next day).  The story of the day is about Tiahna Harris.  Bucknell was her first race ever in the women’s C category.  Although she did not place in the top ten, she completed the onerous 36 mile course.  In the Men’s D race, Keith Toombs, the Umass hill devourer, finished 8th, 17th, and 32nd, respectively.  After our last race we packed up the van and headed back to the hotel.  It was an uneventful night. and earned Umass a pair of points.  Other Umass riders, Max Rome, James Fisk and  James Petersen, finished 16

Sunday was the Criterium.  The course went around Bucknell University’s beautiful campus.  The course was set up for a fast paced crit.  Non of the corners were too sharp, and before every uphill, there was a downhill.  Once again, Marc MacLeod finished 8th in the men’s C crit, and earned Umass 5 points.  Tiahna Harris finished 9th in the Women’s C race, and earned Umass 4 points.  Here it comes!  James Fisk WON the men’s D crit, and he earned Umass 12 points, surely he’ll be moving up to the C category.  We’re not sandbaggers here at Umass.  Max Rome finished 6th , 4 points, Toombs 17th, Petersen 20th, and Joe Weiss finished 39th.  Also, Bucknell, for a very reasonable price, provided all the races with a scrumptious brunch in their world class dining hall.

That was the end of the weekend.  On the ride back we saw a full moon, actually like six of them.  We arrived back at Umass around 8pm, the ride back was much shorter than the ride there.  The Yale report will be up in the next few days, have a good week.

Princeton Race Report (late but hasnt spoiled yet)

Princeton Race Report

by: Joey Weiss

Sorry for the delay of this report, this time of the school year is extremely hectic.  So, Princeton was awesome.  We finally got to see the real class of New Jersey.  We got to Princeton late and crashed at Princeton cycling’s coach’s house.  Thank you again for your hospitality John.  The alarm sounded before 6am on Saturday to our dismay.  When we got outside we were happy to see that the sky was blue and the roads were dry.  We were not happy that it was 30 degrees outside.

Our results at this race were not as impressive as at other races, but none of us were prepared for the extremely cold weather.  The day started off with a 4.2 mile time trial.  Marc MacLeod, freshman, placed 20th in the men’s C1 TT.  Umass did have some great finishes in the D TT.  Keith Toombs, freshman, finished 4th and earned us 8 points.  James Fish, Senior, and Lincoln Muir, junior, finished 10th and 11th, respectively.  We had one men’s intro racer, Ryan Sullivan.  Ryan finished 7th.  Our only girl, Tiahna Harris, freshman, finished 4th in the women’s intro race and earned us 2 points.

Marc MacLeod did very well in the men’s C1 crit.  The crit course was quite dangerous.  It was very thin at points, and there were uneven cobblestone crosswalks.  Marc finished 6th and earned Umass 8 points.  James Fisk, and Keith Toombs were both point earners for Umass in the men’s D1 crit.  Joe Weiss finished 32nd.  Ryan Sullivan earned Umass 2 more points by finishing 4th in the men’s intro crit.  Our two girls, Tiahna, and Allison Blacker did not finish the women’s crit because they were involved in an epic crash with each other.  Tiahna came out unscathed, Allison had some damage, but she made it out alive.  Lincoln Muir and Keith Toombs both earned points in preme laps.

The last race of the weekend was on Sunday.  This race was a road race.  Marc MacLeod finished at 13th in the men’s C 22 mile race.  James Fisk finished 2nd in the men’s D1 race and earned Umass 16 points.  Keith Toombs finished 4th and earned Umass 8 points.  Ryan Sullivan finished 6th in the men’s intro race, just outside the points.

After the race, we threw the bikes on the roof and journeyed back to Umass.  The Bucknell report will be posted very soon.


love joey clem


Philly Phlyer Race Report: by huckprez

So there we were, stuck in a tough position: to race or not to race.  We chose to race.  yeehaw.

Spring break is all about relaxing, right?  let it be known that there is no better way to relax than to participate in some classic ECCC racing madness.  Friday, the 19th of March, 2010, UMBRC gathered on campus to smoosh into a sweet rental van.  To Philly and beyond.

Our arrival in philadelphia was much appreciated after the solid 6+ hours in the van.  a man from Temple, named Charles, was oh-so-kind with regards to hospitality – he invited 9 umbrc kids to stay over his place.  he lives in a spacious apartment in the heart of philly, coincidentally right above some late-night clubs.  with the windows open, which was necessary to override the sweet stench of grimy bikers, it was near impossible to sleep because of the constant noise output of the city.  prime-time baby.

saturday we got an early start as racing was in the books to begin at 8:00 (or close to there); waking up at 6:00 was a little more difficult than i once remembered.  after stacking the bikes on the roof and a quick run to 3 different breakfast venues we shot over to the race.  first up: team time trial (calling it triple t may be too much).  max and jim decided to make a team last minute in the mens D category, and ironically managed to be the first racers of the day.  it seems that the course was not fully taped yet, and they cut a corner which slapped a disqualified on their result.  none-the-less im sure it was a good experience in teaching techniques on how to work with a teammate.  next off was our mens c team: mark, jeff cronin, and zac.  they finished their time trial with a smile smacked on their face.  they said they were passed by two teams in the first half of the course, then they repassed them in the second half of the course.  to make things even sweeter, they passed a third team before the finish.  they put a solid 12th in the record books.  good job.

next up was the circuit.  it looked intimidating to me, but apparently didn’t phase the umbrc crew.  james and max rode strong in the mens d field placing 12th and 27th respectively.  our mens c crew painted the top 10 with maroon: jeff cronin – on a loaner bike dubbed the mcdonalds bike – topped us off with a 5th, mark macleod – second c race EVER – came in right behind jeff with a 6th, and zac del nero – FIRST C RACE – pushed up to 9th place.  hell yeah.  next up was our boy, czar jeff elie.  he raced a uscf cat 2-3 race? and finished in a solid 18th place.  not too bad for feeling like crap before the race.  jeff is a pinna.  last but not least tiahna harris ripped up the womens intro race with a solid 15th.  how long has she been riding a road bike?  she is doing dam well for someone who just bought a roadie bike.

whole foods was our next destination for nourishment.  tasty yet delicious.  make sense?  of course.  then after trying to find parking in mid philly for 1.5 hours, yes one point five hours, we finally managed to get together and hang out in a nice green space beside the apartment we were staying in.  the weather was beautiful so we stayed out until we felt it was necessary to rest our freshly burned skin on some sleepwear.  but where had jeff and jeff gone?  tdb.

sunday: the next morning was even harder on my sore eyes.  im sure it was for the others as well.  super noisy town and late night visits cause minimal sleep syndrome.  we plowed through the morning using special umbrc secret powers and showed up to the naval yard – i think just outside of philly – on time.  the crit looked like a hurt fest.  6 knarly corners, and suuuper flat.  a sprinters dream.  if you can rail corners efficiently and lay down power in short bursts, this was the course for you.  this course was not exactly what some of us were looking for.  james fisk, maximus romulus and ross zuckerman (ross?  where did he come from? he showed up saturday night) rallied in the mens d field for 7th, 27th, and 19th respectively.  i was hurting inside when i saw james lead the break for a lap in the middle of the race, and lead the pack again on the last lap.  i thought he might be able to slip away from the break, but on the last flat straight, he got passed by the break.  nice effort james.   max held his position in the pack well throughout the whole race.  ross did well, but doesnt understand that with the training he does, he isnt meant for crits.  i cant wait to see what he does next year in some road races.  wait.  why am i saying next year you ask?  let me tell you a little story.  ross was practicing sprints after his race, and then ross was cordially invited to meet pavement.  one broken clavicle later, ross became a true road racer.  congratulations ross. In the mens c crit, mark macleod was punished for being behind someone who crashed which eventually lost him enough time to get pulled from the race.  better luck next time.  zac and jeff cronin missed the start and were thrown into the division II mens c race thanks to a director of the eccc who wishes to remain anonymous.  they were both spent from racing the day before, and late night adventures, which concluded with them being dropped from the field and eventually pulled.  tiahna pulled out her best result in the womens intro race – a sweet 11th place.  bueno job, bueno job.  (knowing how to say “job” in spanish is over-rated)

the ride home to good ol amherst was long and hard (jackknife joe just popped into my mind here) but we made it.  we made it through another weekend of eccc racing.  super.  cant wait for next weekend.  ride on

do you umbrc?

RESULTS ARE ALSO POSTED FROM THE WEEKEND!!!  check um out in the “results” section

mid-race update

we are done with day 1 at the philly phlyer.  what a frickin day.  too much sun (for me atleast – i am fried) and too much good racing.  we did well today.  zack moved up to c’s and rocked it.  we had 3 guys racing the mens c circuit: jeff cronin, mark macleod and zac del nero.  5th, 6th and 9th place respectively.  champs in my books.  move up to b’s.  it’ll be sweet.  we also had a little team time trail action today.  the same 3 c racers had a team and came in 13th place in men’s c.  nice job.  max rome and james fisk also made a team last minute and some how made a wrong turn, which got them a big boot from the race.  i guess the officails dont like it when you cut corners or sumthin.  not too sure how they did in the circuit.  if my woozy memory serves me right, mid pack in the pelaton?  and we cant forget tiahna.  she rocked the womens intro again while drastically improving on her clipless pedal technique.  and…only one more…jeffrey elie – i have heard of bike gods, but could he be a umbrc god, right beside alex duggan and uri halevi?  anyway, jeff raced some uscf race and did amazing considering the “i feel like shit” comments.  maybe in the 20’s?

tomorrow should be good.  i am hittin my soft, oh so soft, pillow very soon.  philly is too much to handle.

by the way, we are staying in an apartment (charlie from temple, you are the man) that is basically on top of some night clubs.  it is hilarious.  and we cant find jeff elie or jeff cronin.  they wondered off and are apparantly hoppin some bars with a new friend.  lets see if they show up tonight.  hahaa.

see yall on the flip side


columbia/stevens race report

Columbia/Stevens RACE REPORT by trusty Joe Weiss:

The Umass Bike Clubs’ destination this weekend was the Big Apple.  We arrived at our motel at about 8:00pm on Friday, March 12.  We stayed at the Sawmill River Motel.  Imagine staying at a Ritz Carlton… then imagine the opposite, and you get the Sawmill River Motel.  We piled all our bikes into the hotel rooms, then tried to fit in the rooms ourselves, it was a labyrinth.

When we woke up Saturday morning, the rain was coming down and there were almost gale-force winds.  We arrived at Columbia University, 122nd and Riverside Street at about 8:00am.  The criterium was a short course around President Ulysses Grant’s Tomb.  It was basically an oval shaped course.  The turn at the top of the course coming around to the finish line is sharp, and either you brake and turn, or you do not brake, and crash into the side of a hard building.  Jeremy Durrin was not with us at this race because he is on an adventure in Peru during this spring break.  Therefore, we had mostly D racers.  Umass had extremely good results at the Columbia race.  In the D race, Umass had five of the top ten finishers.  Zac DelNero finished second in the criterium.  He began a move with two laps left in the race, but could not quite hold on to win the race.  We also snagged the third, fifth, eighth and tenth place finishes.  Marc MacLeod finished third right behind Zac, and Lincoln Muir finished fifth.  Max Rome finished eighth and Keith Toombs finished tenth.  Our only two female racers, Allison Blacker and Tiahna Harris, finished thirteenth and fifteenth, respectively. And we cant forget Mike Bartlett’s move to get back into the road race scene.  He raced B’s and came in a respectable 34th.

The criterium was the only race of the day, so after our last racer finished, we went back to the motel, and we all cleaned up.  When we finally were able to get our act together, we piled back into the van, and began a quest to find a restaurant.  The first restaurant was way too fancy, so we left.  But the second restaurant was just right, so we sat down and ate a delicious Italian lunch/dinner.  Then we went back to the motel and relaxed because everyone was tired.  That night we made rice in the rice cooker, and we watched movies dubbed in Spanish because those were the only channels the motel got.  The power at the motel was on and off, but luckily our room had power most of the time.  Finally, at about 10:30pm we turned off the light, voluntarily, and we went to sleep.

Sometime during the night, an hour was lost because of day light savings time, and everyone was still somewhat dazed in the morning.  Everyone was dazed except for Joey Clemenzi, one of our presidents’, who leapt out of bed and literally shook everyone awake.  The race at FDR Park in Yorktown Heights was not until 10:40am, therefore, we had plenty of time to get ready.  We arrived at FDR Park around 9:30am and began to set up.  The weather was much more pleasant on Sunday, but by no means was it a beautiful day.  The winds were only half as fast as Saturday’s winds, and the rain was coming straight down, instead of sideways.  But weather does not concern Umass cyclists at all, even if it were fire storming.

The first race of the day was men’s D.  This race did not go as well as Saturday’s race for Umass’s D riders, but everyday can’t be our best day.  Max Rome finished nineteenth, Zac Del Nero finished twenty-second, Lincoln Muir finished thirty-second, and Keith Toombs finished fortieth.  Umass did have a star performance in the C category.  Marc MacLeod, first time C racer, finished tenth in the race.  Lastly, Mike Bartlett, racing Bs, and in only his second race of the season, finished thirty-first in the race.  After Mike came back to the van, we packed up and headed back up route 84 to Umass.

Overall, Columbia/FDR Park was a successful weekend.  We had some awesome finishes, and many improved riders.  Despite the inclement weather Umass competed better than at Rutgers, and hopes to improve, although with a limited field, at Philadelphia on the 20th and 21st of March.