UMBRC T-Shirts? Definitely

I’m working on getting some team t-shirts designed, since people everywhere are dying to rep UMBRC. Depending on how many people are interested, we can get a pretty good deal them. Members, Alumni, and anyone else in the world, if you’d like to showcase one of the coolest clubs around email me at More details to follow once we learn how much to order.

Pretty sweet, eh?


Rutgers Race Report

It finally happened! The collegiate road season opener at Rutgers University took place this past weekend (3/5-6/11). The weekend started off a little shaky. We were supposed to leave the visitor parking lot at 4:30pm to depart. Some of us made it there by 4:30pm. Joe Weiss, who was driving, was heading down to the parking lot when he realized he’d forgotten to hand in some homework and had to dash to the professor’s office to hand it in. Okay, all homework handed in, we departed UMass at 5:30pm, not too bad. It was about a four and one-half hour drive down to Rutgers. We got to our host house (Thank you to Charlie, George and everyone else from Rutgers who let us sleep in their den, living room, and kitchen) at around 10:00pm. We set up our sleeping stuff, for two of us this included blowing up twin air mattresses by mouth (batteries can go to hell, UMBRC has lungs!), and we switched into sleep mode.
Wake up time: 5:00am.

Joe Weiss’s theory of proportionality: The earlier UMBRC wakes up, the longer it takes us to get ready.

We made oatmeal in the rice cooker, and headed off to the race.
Saturday’s race was the Individual Time Trial and the Criterium. Not too much happened for UMass at the ITT, we got there with not much time to spare, and many of us road the TT while still in sleep mode.
The Crit was a familiar course, with the familiar sharp turn into the finish of the lap. James Petersen and Marc MacLeod were racing in the B category for the first time. They were pretty nervous at the beginning of the race, neither thought they would finish really well. But, James and Marc finished the Crit in 14th and 15th place out of 48 starters, respectively. Keith Toombs finished 24th in the Crit and Joe Weiss misunderstood one of the rules. In the D race, Case Muir finished 18th. Our other high finisher in the Crit was Alex Carmona, in his first race ever, he was racing Intro and he finished 4th.
Sunday’s race was the Points Race. It rained for most of the races. It was a strange course for a points race because the beginning of every lap was a small climb, and the fields were quickly split up. Again! James Petersen finished well in the Men’s B points race. James finished 8th and Marc finished 12th. Joe Weiss finished in the middle of the C race at 21st, and Alex Carmona moved up to D’s and finished 3rd.
Then we went home.

Joe Weiss

P.S. Pictures to come as soon as I buy new batteries for my camera.

Awesome Skills Clinic

Today was the first skills clinic of the semester hosted by Coach Al and what a great turnout we had. So many people showed up it was crazy. I hope even more people show up next time. We worked mainly on high speed turning, which is an essential skill for Crit racing.  Despite a few people getting flats along the way (puddles are deceiving, they may hide tire-biting potholes) we all had a jolly time and picked up multiple tips. If you couldn’t make it today, don’t worry because we’ll have plenty more clinics to come.                                                                       -M & M

Rain, rain, go away!

Today’s weather may suck, but the Tuesday and Wednesday forecast look pretty good for some riding. Watch the list-serve for upcoming rides those days, there will surely be some. Also, do you know what this weekend is???? That’s right, the first race of the season! GET PUMPED! UMBRC will no doubt be making a splash at the race with all the new faces we’re bringing. CAN’T WAIT!     –  M & M

B-e-a-utiful Day

Man was today’s weather gorgeous. I hope everyone went out for a ride, I know I sure did. Tomorrow’s supposed to be even warmer if you can believe it. Better take advantage of it though, the weekend is supposed to cool down back to typical February. Also don’t forget about tomorrow’s long group ride leaving the Haigis Mall at 8:30 AM. I’m bummed I can’t attend due to my morning classes, but I will surely be riding later.

– M & M

Yesterday’s Ride

Whew boy was I tired after yesterday’s 3 hour group ride. Couple long climbs and lots of tempo riding. Very good training though. With racing only a couple of weeks away, its time to start throwing in some hard efforts. Weather for this upcoming week looks fantastic (40 degrees yo!), so I hope to see everyone out riding. Remember to watch the list-serve for any group rides. However, If you can’t make a group ride, don’t let that stop you from getting out and spinning those legs!

-M & M

Hey Erbody

Thank you so much to everybody who got their dues in at the meeting. We’re trying to get everything done in advance this year because in past seasons we did stuff last minute, and people went crazy. Like people died, almost. Also, thank you to all the people who decided what races they are going to attend. Now we can start filling out the travel forms and making van rentals and housing choices way in advance.

Good things!

Joe Weiss

Main Website Back Up

If y0u didn’t notice, our main website and all of its glory was down for about 3 days due to server updates.  However, maintenance has finished and the site is fully functionally again. Wheww!



There will not be a snow bike race tonight because there is no possible way to pound down the snow. It is too high, and it is like a rock.

MAXIMUM IMPORTANCE: Dues must be paid tomorrow (2/10/11) if you wish to race at Rutgers (3/5-6/11). It would be greatly appreciated if everyone who considers themselve’s part of the bike club to pay dues tomorrow.

MORE IMPORTANT: Look at your schedules and decide which races you want to go to. Allison has created an Excel Spreadsheet with every race weekend and every race, all you need to do is decide which races you will race at. This will all be done tomorrow night (2/10/11).

SUPER IMPORTANT: Please buy your USACycling collegiate license this week. Here is a link to the page where you can Register with USACycling (registering does not mean you have a license) Now, once you have registered, you must buy a license. Go to your “My USA Cycling” and right below where it says “Account Information”, there is a button that says “Purchase/Renew License” (click it). Then find the collegiate box and buy your license. You must have a collegiate license in order to do any collegiate racing. We must have your license number by next week in order for you to race at Rutgers. We have to submit all of your license numbers!

Joe Weiss

Angel Ride

I’m throwin’ this out there take it or leave it.  I’d like to get some team members in the Angel Ride this year.  We’d have to raise money for each member to donate to the fund.  The money goes to Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.  It’s a great cause and some great riding.  We’ll talk more about it at Thursday’s meeting.


Joe W